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Over the years weather, pollution and other environmental factors can take their toll on your Newton St Loe roof. With the majority of older tiled roofs, the vibrant colours of roofing tiles will have faded and gathered a large amount of dirt.

Aged tile surfaces can start to break down, becoming porous, retaining water and encouraging the growth of unsightly moss, mould and lichen. The retained moisture also increases the load on the roof trusses and can eventually leak into a property, showing up as damp patches.

Are You Looking For Someone to Help You With Your Roof Moss Removal in Newton St Loe:

At Mr Fixit Roofing & Property Maintenance, we can bring your tiled roof back to its former glory. Our trained roofers can gain access to your roof exterior and then provide a comprehensive Newton St Loe roof cleaning and soft wash quote.

We can then recommend roof tile coating and sealant to keep your tiles looking good for years. This will help:

  • Reduce stress on roof structures
  • Resist weathering & environmental pollution
  • Protect against moss, fungi & lichens
  • Improve roofing drainage
  • Protect against frost damage
  • Reduce internal condensation
  • Increase the life of the tiles
  • Make it look like a new roof!

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Call us today and Mr Fixit Roofing & Property Maintenance will come out and conduct a free comprehensive site survey to assess your roofing requirements. We will then provide you with a free, no-obligation quote to cover all work and materials.

If you accept the quote, then we will arrange a date with you to start the work. All our work is guaranteed, giving you a worry-free experience.

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Roof Cleaning Near Newton St Loe

Our Newton St Loe qualified and experienced roof improvement specialists have many years of experience working with a wide range of domestic, commercial and industrial clients across Newton St Loe and beyond. We can offer free expert advice to ensure you receive the best possible service. Our roof refurbishment services in Newton St Loe BA2 include:


  • Roof Cleaning
  • Roof Coatings
  • Roof Moss Removal
  • Roof Repairs
  • Replacement tiles
  • Full roofing replacement

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